Our Mission

Wendy Walk is one of the only organizations dedicated to the advancement of sarcoma research.

We fund the scientific research of medical professionals from across the globe who are focused on developing innovative treatments for this rare form of cancer. We also have projects from top scientists and doctors waiting to be funded. Each of these projects could save lives. At Wendy Walk, we are also committed to helping patients and their loved ones cope with the unique challenges of a sarcoma diagnosis so no family has to experience this journey alone.


Since 2010, we’ve hosted 10,000+ participants at 39 walks nationwide to raise over four million dollars for sarcoma research. 

  • $3,000,000+ allocated to international collaborative studies through the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Institute

  • $400,000 allocated to gene therapy research at Stanford and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in partnership with the Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy

  • $300,000+ granted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Duke, Montefiore, Netherlands Cancer Institute, French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, and more