Meet Cheryl Fox

The most comical thing that has happened to me during an appointment happened when I was first diagnosed with sarcoma. I was with my mom and my two brothers waiting for the doctor to come in and see us and while we were waiting, I decided to go out of the office to use the restroom and when I came back in the office I saw the doctor talking with my mom and asking her many questions. Finally, my brother says “she is not the patient” and he replied, “What do you mean she is not the patient” He thought my mom was the patient because this disease typically has a history of effecting people who are over 50. This was so funny! We laughed about this for a long time. Laughter really is the best medicine.  Great stress relief.

I feel most strong when I can exercise and compete in the sports that I enjoy, especially tennis. I have played soccer over 30 years but unfortunately that kind of contact sport is not good for me at this time. Therefore, I focus on my tennis game. I also, enjoy snowboarding, wakeboarding and surfing.

It makes me feel healthy when I eat a healthy diet of organic fruits and veggies, combined with occasional fish and a few meats. I try and balance this with daily exercise, adequate sleep which can be difficult at times and quality time with family and friends. In addition to a daily quiet time with God.

My current challenge involves finding ways to maintain consistent energy each day. I am trying to get as fit and strong as possible, should I have to proceed with more chemo treatments. Right now, I have put doing chemo on hold because I don’t feel it’s medically necessary and has a slim chance of working. However, I know the reality of the situation and I am preparing for that. At times it can be challenging trying to decide what is the best approach to take because I don’t want to rely on modern medicine entirely and I want to be in charge and active in my own healing.

The one thing that gives me the most hope is my faith in God, family and friends. I am not in control of what happens in my future, what I can control is how I respond to the situation and to the challenges that may come.

To those who are struggling, my advice would be to find ways to look at the bright side and stay positive. Surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts. In my struggles and challenges thus far, I have always thought to myself “things could be a lot worse and I am sure others have it much worse than I do.” I am thankful and try to keep things in perspective.

I think the more support a person has the better. Some people may not have much family support and having friends or people in the community help is very beneficial. We all need each other. I have had people drop off groceries, cooked meals, money, etc. I don’t know what I would do without the love and support of my dear friends and family and other people in the community and/or church community as well.