Upcoming Fringe NYC Show is Donating a Percentage of Proceeds to Wendy Walk

Max Ritvo, one of the performers in the upcoming FringeNYC show “We’re Very Proud and We Love you So Much”, is currently battling Ewings Sarcoma.  Read his story below about how comedy and performing have helped him during this time. And check our his upcoming show at the FringeNYC where a percentage of proceeds will be donated to the Wendy Walk!

In Max’s Own Words:

“Hi, I’m Max Ritvo. I was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2007, when I was sixteen. After a year of intensive chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, my doctors gave me a clean bill of health. The cancer came back in 2013, my senior year of college. I’ve been fighting it since. I graduated from college (Chemo in the morning and classes in the evening) and am now getting a Masters in poetry as I trudge through experimental chemo. One of the most meaningful things in my life is my comedy troupe, His Majesty the Baby.The comedy has been my therapy, and the boys in my troupe, my comedian friends, they’ve been what keep me going. They’ve seen me at my most numb, my angriest, my most terrified, and they always manage to tease, flatter, and cajole me into being the best entertainer I can be.”

 About “We’re Very Proud and We Love you So Much”

A couple gets locked in a palindromic relationship for all of eternity. A traditional marriage activist named Adam argues that marriage can only take place between a man and a woman named Adam and Eve respectively. An aged child-star named Pepsi Garbage discovers a “a way to find out the truth” through audience applause. “We’re Very Proud and We Love You So Much” weaves these sketches, dance, poetry, live music featuring the punk rock band Sister Helen and more into a dream-like narrative.”

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