Remembering Pitz Ballesteros

Pitz Ballesteros was the dedicated mother of three children, Vladimir, R.R. and Vanessa and the devoted wife of 37 years to the love of her life, Raul.  Pitz past away the morning of New Years Day 2013 after a year and a half battle with rhabdomyosarcoma. To remember her a year later, R.R. wrote her a letter…

My Dearest Mama!

I can’t believe it’s been one year since you went home.  How is it there?  Please say “Hi” to our family and friends, especially Auntie Cora.

I think about you everyday and I hope you hear me praying to you each night.  Life has taken its hold and we are actually fine and smile now and again.  I fear that we’ll forget you since we don’t see or hear from you that often.  Maybe that’s why we visit you each Sunday (and have brunch right after).  That’s also why I think about you daily… so I never forget.

Dad seems to be adjusting as well as he can.  The kitchen is not that clean anymore and his laundry piles up.  He’s skinny because he doesn’t have time to cook and when he does, he usually makes hot dogs, toasts bread, makes rice and eats whatever is available in the fridge.  I visit three days a week and cook for him so that he has baon or lunch.  I think he’s lonely.  I hope that if he decides he needs companionship, you’ll be okay with it.  It’s so strange to think about.  I think if you’re okay with it, I’ll be okay with it.

Kuya Vladimir is doing good.  He and Ann had a big surprise this year.  Even though it didn’t happen, at least they know it’s possible.  They also renovated their back yard.  It looks really nice with a small fountain and grassy area for the dog Barkey to play in.

Vanessa is doing well too.  She was nominated for an Emmy this year.  I’m glad you were there with her.  She and Christian are still dating and living together.  Dad doesn’t like the live-in before marriage idea, but I told him to trust her and let her make her own decisions.

As for me, I’m well.  When I think about you not being around, I become very sad.   But then I think about how you always wanted me to be happy, so I smile.  I’m getting better with making friends now. I remember the advice you gave me and how good you were with people, so I decided to practice.  I’m also practicing how to be less serious about everything.  You were so good at that and people loved being around you because you knew how to have fun.  That’s what life is about right, Mama?  Pia and I are doing fine in our relationship.  We argue like most couples, but we try to work things out.  I’m glad she’s by my side because she makes me happy and gives me hope for the future.  I hope she and I work out.

Ma, you are our Guardian Angel and I know you’ll always be around.  Please visit us more often in our dreams.  In person is okay with me, but I can’t say I won’t freak out at first.  = )  We love you, Ma!

R.R. Dad, Kuya Vladimir and Vanessa